Sakib is an applied microeconomist, whose research interests encompass the economics of international trade, climate change, environment, and policy. His work involves investigating how international trade patterns are influenced by environmental policy. Furthermore, Sakib develops both theoretical and empirical tools to address persistent, challenging queries in the fields of economics and the environment. As an educator, his interests span a broad spectrum, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, economic policy, and data analytics.


List of Working Papers

“Emissions standards and international automobile trade: does domestic regulation lead to international specialization in greener vehicles?”  Co-author: Alexandre Skiba

“A two-stage random-effects meta-analysis of value per statistical life estimates” Co-authors: Stephen Newbold, Chris Dockins, Nathalie Simon, Kelly Magure

“Do environmental provisions in regional trade agreements trigger the home-market effect in environmental goods trade?” Co-authors: Stephen Newbold, Alexandre Skiba 

“A funnel plot density estimator of publication bias for meta-analysis: Application to an environment and trade question.” Co-author: Stephen Newbold

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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

International economics, environmental economics, climate change, policy, and econometrics


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Old Mill 332