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Students currently enrolled in another College or School at UVM who would like to transfer into or double degree in the Grossman School of Business, should complete the internal transfer application.


Review Process & Timeline

Internal transfer candidates must complete one semester of Economics (ECON 1400 or ECON 1450) and one semester of Calculus (MATH 1212 or MATH 1234), each with a grade of C- or higher and an overall Business Core GPA of a 2.25 or higher.  All completed Business Core classes will be assessed during the application review process.  All Business Core classes must meet the C- or higher grade requirement and overall 2.25 GPA or higher.  In addition, a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher is required for transfer admission into the Grossman School of Business. In addition, students must be in good academic standing (not “on trial”) and not have any Incompletes, XC or M grades pending.

Internal Transfer Application Review: Students are encouraged to submit an internal transfer application as soon as they meet the prerequisite requirements listed above.  Applications are generally reviewed within one week of submission.  Please contact the GSB Center for Student Success at with any questions regarding the internal transfer process.

For More Information:

For more information or questions about transferring, contact The Center for Student Success at

Internal transfer applicants should also review the Grossman School of Business mobile computing requirement