The Biomedical Statistics Research Core charges for all of its services.

Personnel costs can be covered by:

  • Salary line for percent effort on a grant or contract
  • Fee-for-service

In general, salary lines on grants and contracts cover long-term staff commitments, while short-term projects are often paid for on a fee-for-service basis.

The support fee for a salary line is $21,188 per 1.00 FTE (100% effort).

The current fee-for-service rates are:

Staff TitleNameRate per hour
Senior Faculty/Research BiostatisticianJan Bunn, Peter Callas, Pam Vacek$170
Research BiostatisticianMike DeSarno, Joan Skelly, Andrew Sparks, Ya Tuo$145
Staff for coding and/or data entry $50


All staff are required to complete monthly Staff Activity Reports tracking hours spent on each assigned project.