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Biochemists study the molecular interactions that guide many processes involved in living organisms. This involves exploring the underlying chemical and physical properties of these organisms, from metabolism and enzyme kinetics to gene transfection and cellular signaling. With the recent publication of the Human Genome and other discoveries describing the molecular basis of life, tremendous opportunities await those students with the right background and training in this field.

In addition, students can choose to obtain their major in either of two Colleges: the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, or the College of Arts and Sciences. Students primarily choose one college over another on the basis of course distribution requirements, advisors, or the number of students enrolled. Find out more about the philosophies of each College using the links above.

Admitted Student Visit Day:

VIDEO: Biochemistry at UVM with Matthias Brewer (YouTube)


Professor working in chemistry lab

World-class research facilities

As an incoming student, you'll have access to these world-class learning spaces, helping you develop your academic interests and preparing you for a rewarding career.

  • 20 state-of-the-art teaching labs
  • 7 media-rich classrooms that foster team-based learning and engaging, problem-based teaching
  • Faculty labs that promote innovation and collaboration
  • Comfortable meeting spaces for student and faculty interaction
  • Construction is continuing on Phase II of the project: Innovation Hall, which will house classrooms and offices for physical science departments, will be completed in time for the fall 2019 semester

Many pathways

What kinds of topics excite you? A wide variety of electives, including courses in the UVM Medical College, are available for credit through the biochemistry degree. The biochemistry curriculum is challenging, requiring a broad-based set of courses from a variety of departments in different colleges across the university. Motivated students have the opportunity to learn about recent advances from experts in the field.

Roll up your sleeves

Research happens here, for undergraduates as well as graduate students. Most undergrads majoring in biochemistry perform research  either for credit during the academic year, as part of their Honors Thesis, or during the summer. Find out more about undergraduate research opportunities in biochemistry.

Graduate studies

This page contains information about undergraduate (minor or B.S.) degrees in biochemistry at UVM. If you are interested in finding out more about graduate (M.S. or Ph.D.) degrees, visiting the Department of Biochemistry