Getting Started with Student Accessibility Services

Welcome to Student Accessibility Services at UVM!

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for reasonable and appropriate accommodations at UVM.  In order to establish themselves as eligible for accommodations through SAS, students should provide documentation (please refer to the documentation guidelines on our website) from a licensed provider and meet with an Accessibility Specialist in SAS to discuss their eligibility and how the accommodations process works at UVM.  On the basis of the documentation that was submitted as well as the student’s narrative, SAS determines whether or not a student is eligible to receive accommodations.

We encourage students who think they may qualify for accommodations to contact SAS. Students should generally submit the relevant documentation to SAS prior to scheduling a meeting to allow for sufficient review by an Accessibility Specialist, as this process can take approximately one week.

If students do not have documentation, but think they may qualify for accommodations, they should still contact SAS to make an appointment. SAS can help provide information on where and how to be evaluated for a disability and help a student explore alternative options and strategies for academic support. SAS does not formally diagnose students with disabilities.

Reasons to meet with SAS

• Assess effectiveness of previously used services/accommodations

• Make informed decisions about useful, reasonable, and appropriate services/accommodations to courses, programs, activities and/or environments

• Formulate an accommodation plan to discuss with professors

• Provide training and education about a student’s rights and responsibilities when using accommodations in a variety of settings at UVM and future educational or career opportunities

* SAS is committed to providing timely and effective information to any/all parties. If having a (video)phone meeting versus an in-person meeting is helpful to share  necessary information and/or create accessibility in our interaction, we are happy to work with you in this manner.

Contact Us

  • Drop into SAS at A170 Living Learning Center between 8:00 am- 4:30 pm
  • Call SAS at 802-656-7753
  • Email us at