University of Vermont

Information for victims/survivors

If you have experienced some form of sexual misconduct or assault, there are several important things that you should know.

You are not alone.

There are many people and services available who want to help you on and off campus. Consider talking with an advocate or counselor about your options. At UVM you can contact the Campus Victim's Advocate to get started. Call 656-7892 or e-mail

The Campus Victim's Advocate sees victims who experienced a recent incident of violence or those people who were victimized in the past. It is always possible to get help or to talk with someone.

Sexual assault is illegal.

Sexual misconduct & assault are crimes AS WELL as a violation of UVM policy. If the perpetrator is a member of the UVM community, you can hold them accountable through a campus conduct process or the criminal justice system or both. There is a difference between reporting to the police and reporting to UVM. It is best to talk to the Campus Victim's Advocate about your specific options and the differences between the two systems since what happens next depends on the nature of the case.

It is your decision to tell someone what happened to you.

There is no shame in being a victim of sexual misconduct & assault. However, for many reasons, including your safety, you may be concerned about confidentiality. It is your choice to talk to someone and to determine who you might reach out to for support.

There are certain professionals, on campus and in the community, who offer confidential services. These people include:

  • The Campus Victim's Advocate
  • Licensed counselors/mental health professionals (i.e. counselors at Counseling & Psychiatry Services)
  • Pastoral counselors

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