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How to help a friend

Not every person who experiences violence will come forward to disclose or share their story. If you start seeing changes in behavior from a friend, colleague, employee, etc., such as difficulty concentrating, frequent absences from classes or work, and/or a decline in academic or work performance, consider whether it might be related to sexual violence, relationship violence and/or stalking.

If someone confides in you...

The most important things that you can do if someone confides in you about an incident of violence are to listen and believe. For more detailed information about how to support someone, click here.

What should I expect from a victim/survivor?

Reactions of survivors to incidents of relationship violence, sexual violence or stalking vary greatly. There are, however, some concerns survivors are likely to experience. Click here to learn more.


There are many people and services available to help victims on and off campus. Click here for a list of local & national resources.

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