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It is our goal to provide complete transparency to the certification process so that students can make informed choices about how to use their VA benefits. If you have any additional questions, please do not hestiate to reach out to

The first step is to be certain you understand the start and end dates of the courses you would like to take and make sure you feel confident that you can be academically successful for those courses during an accelerated term. Take a look at the standard summer start and end dates (scroll to the bottom) but be aware that some instructors schedule outside of these standard dates. Make sure your courses will go towards your degree and do not have meeting time conflicts.

Remember to submit a Request for Enrollment Certification when you are enrolled in courses and to submit aother form if there are any changes to your schedule.

Chapter 1606, 30, and 35 payments are paid based on your rate of pursuit and dates of enrollment.

Chapter 31

Vocational Rehabilitation pays your tuition, fees and Monthly Housing Allowance per your agreement with VA based on your Rate of Pursuit and their rules. Contact your VR&E counselor for more details and how your individual situation and education plan will work during the summer term, or reach out to for help.

Chapter 33

Post 9/11 GI Bill payments work a little differently over UVM’s summer schedule. Tuition and fees are certified to VA for each period you are taking courses, as per any semester. Be sure you understand your remaining entitlement and tier (percentage, e.g. 90%), and are within your delimiting date (the day after your benefits expire). Please note, the Yellow Ribbon Scholarship is only available during the fall and spring terms.
Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA)
The MHA could be paid out differently over the summer. Since there are multiple start and end dates for summer courses, you may experience overlap of attendance dates (e.g. attending one course from 5/19 – 8/8 and another during that time, 5/19 – 6/27). VA does not award MHA for breaks between enrollment periods, even if it is just one or two weeks (e.g. 5/19 – 6/13 BREAK 6/30 – 8/8). You will only receive the MHA for the dates you are enrolled, at your rate of pursuit. MHA for independent study or online courses are based on half the national average instead of the zip code of UVM.
Rate of Pursuit:
The Monthly Housing Allowance is based on your Rate of Pursuit. During a standard undergraduate semester, 12 credit hours is full time. If you enrolled in 12 credit hours for spring or fall you are considered full time for the MHA. All final decisions are made by VA, acording to their rules, based on enrollment information sent from UVM.

Summer is different. To acount for the accelerated period and intensity of coursework, VA uses a multiplier. For semester based schools, that multiplier is 18. If you are taking 3 credits over an accelerated period, i.e. a four week enrollment period, your rate of pursuit would be 3 x 18 = 54, divided by 4 weeks = 13.5 semester hours during a regular semester, which is a full-time rate of pursuit. In this case a student would receive the full-time MHA for the enrollment period.

3 X 18 = 54
54 / 4 = 13.5
13.5 / 12 = 1.125 or 112.5%

100% or greater means full time BAH would be awarded. If the number is .54 or less, no BHA would be awarded. All rates of pursuit in between would be rounded to the nearest tenth, 60%, 70% etc.

For other examples, or to view the rules that govern how UVM submits your enrollment information to VA, follow the School Certifying Official Handbook link below and read pages 55-58.

School Certifying Official Handbook.pdf

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