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UVM has implemented many new policies to increase veteran access to higher education since 2009.  We are now proud to boast a larger veteran population, on a more veteran friendly campus.  

If you have earned VA Education Benefits, don't leave them on the table, use them at UVM to power your future.

Prospective Students

As a Vermonter, the University of Vermont is your State University.  As an out of state veteran, UVM can be your key to a great education and a bright future.            

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After serving in the military, you have a unique set of experiences that set you apart from the classical undergraduate student.  The college experience can be a rewarding decompression time between military service and civilian employment and will set you up for a successful future.  You learn how to adjust to a non-military culture with different norms and requirements.  You manage your own schedule and balance life with school.  And if you qualify for the Post 9/11 GI Bill or other VA benefits, you can get paid to do all of that.

As a prospective student with military experience, you may qualify for a host of VA education benefits which you can use to make the UVM experience a reality for you. When you think about the investment you are making in time and energy to get a degree, make sure you think about the career you want.  Students sometimes think the Career Center or other services are only a priority when they're getting ready to gradutate - not so!    To learn more about how UVM can set you up for a successful career path, check out the links below.

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If you're a Guard member with one deployment (like Afghanistan '10) you may qualify for 60% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill. With more deployments or active duty time, that percentage only grows!  

Transfer Students

Learn about applying as a Transfer Student and what the entrance requirements are for Undergraduates.  Student veterans and dependents who already have college credit can submit their official transcripts to the UVM Office of Transfer Affairs to apply that credit to their UVM education.  Veterans are encouraged to submit a copy of their Joint Services Transcript from the American Council on Education to the Office of Transfer Affairs as well.  Often you can earn college credit for military experience.  It should be noted that UVM can only provide credit for ACE approved courses which are similar in duration and intensity to UVM courses. Learn more here...

Eligible for the GI Bill but not using it?

There's one million dollars on the table.  
Are you going to walk away?

Think about this for just a minute.  If you're eligible at the 100% rate for the Post 9/11 GI Bill and not using it - you're leaving money on the table - a lot of it.  Check this out:

-In 2013 in state tuition and fees for UVM is $7,844 per semester plus $1,000 for books, which is $16,688 per year.  

-The Monthly Allowance for Housing is $1,818 per month paid over 9 months in the academic year (assuming only Fall and Spring Semesters), which is $16,362 per year.

-That means that the total Post 9/11 GI Bill benefit you could be eligible for is $33,050 per year.  

-Over the standard 4 years of undergraduate education that means  you are eligible for $132,200 in VA Benefits.  That's pretty good, but it's nothing compared to what you can earn in a lifetime with a 4 year degree.

With a college education you increase your potential lifetime income by up to 84% or one million dollars in additional earnings and open a myriad of career possibilities.  

There's one million dollars on the table.  Are you going to walk away?

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