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Students using VA Education Benefits may be eligible to be reimbursed up to $1,200 in tutoring assistance each year if they are struggling in a subject.  

If you are having trouble in a class, talk to your professor, your academic advisor, the learning center, and see if tutoring would be helpful for you.

On Campus Support for Student Veterans

Academic Support
Going back to school after being in the military is a challenging new experience. Set yourself up for success by knowing what resources are available to support you, and plan early to avoid the stress of poor academic performance.  You are required by VA to maintain a 2.0 GPA to meet the standard of satisfactory academic performance.  After serving in the military you are prepared for that challenge. Stay in touch with your professors by going to office hours, make regular contact with your academic advisor, and ask questions early to make sure you stay on track.  Check out the skill building and tutoring assistance available below:
If you have a documented disability like a VA rating, you may be eligible for additional support through ACCESS or Student Support Services.  They can hook you up with equipment loans for gear like an iPad, they offer free printing & photocopying, and can help developing academic goals or skills.  If you're a veteran - take advantage of what is available for you - you've earned it!  Learn more by visiting the Student Support Services website below. Meet the challenge of higher education head on with the proper academic support.
Social Events
The number one thing student veterans report missing is the camaraderie of being around their fellow service members. The Student Veterans Organization is an active student group on campus with many students who share military experience. Stop by, learn how you can contribute to what is available for veterans on campus and share your opinion. Sometimes you might just want to hangout with someone else who has a similar experience set and knows where you're coming from.  For more information, visit the SVO page or contact President Randi Diabo at  

Health, wellbeing and counseling
In order to be a successful student you need to be able to take care of your physical and mental health.  UVM has a full array of health services though The Center for Health and Wellbeing.  As a military veteran you may also be eligible for care through Veterans Health Administration.  VHA has opened a new clinic which is conveniently located in downtown Burlington, VT.  For more information about what is available through VHA check out their website  

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