UVM’s Summer Academy


Explores how innovators in engineering, contemporary art, architecture, and the DIY movement solve problems and advance ideas. Provides hands-on experience with handmade electronics and the rapid prototyping tools in the UVM Fab Lab. Includes assigned readings that cover project management, presentation skills, and design thinking. Classroom learning and hands-on work. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the engineering profession and design.


This innovative program exposes students to the fascinating world of modern medicine through hands-on learning in labs, lectures, demonstrations, and hospital visits, as well as through the Clinical Simulation Laboratory at The University of Vermont College of Medicine and The University of Vermont Medical Center, where students perform virtual surgeries and engage in other stimulating activities. This program helps students discover their interests, develop an understanding of potential medical career paths, and determine whether a career in health or medicine is right for them.

Tentative Program Dates

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