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Religion Internship Opportunity for Fall 2016

Religion Internship Opportunity for Fall 2016:

The Religion Department, in collaboration with UVM’s Center for Cultural Pluralism (CCP), is pleased to announce a new internship opportunity for Fall 2016. The student selected for this position will work with Center for Cultural Pluralism staff in support of the CCP’s core mission: “to equip faculty, staff and students with the cultural and social justice competencies necessary to function at their best in their intellectual, leadership and pedagogical practices so that the University can provide the highest quality of education”; its vision for UVM “is a University community engaged in practices that address issues of culture and social justice, with particular focus on those acts that promote critical analysis and reflection in the teaching and learning environments,” including the intersection of religion with other aspects of multicultural identity.

Through a combination of both hands-on and observation activities, the intern will develop the ability to contribute meaningfully to the Center’s educational efforts. In developing this ability,the intern will also gain a deeper understanding of the role of the CCP within the University and the Burlington community. The intern will work an average of 10 hours per week during the fall semester, and will be enrolled concurrently for 3 credits in AS195, “Internship in Humanities,” taught by Prof.Morgenstein Fuerst (Wed 3:30-4:45). More information about the work of the CCP can be found here.

The intern will be expected to:

  • offer timely, honest, and constructive feedback
  • respect the 10-hour a week commitment to the CCP
  • give support with challenging task(s) as well as routine and simple ones
  • recognize that mistakes may/will happen and be willing to communicate mistakes in a timely and constructive manner
  • be willing to listen, discuss, and respond to a variety of opinions and experiences
  • share learning experiences
  • engage with a wide range of cultural and ethnic populations
  • fulfill expectations for 3 credits in AS195.

Students interested in this position should submit an application by email to Prof. Kevin Trainor,Chair of the Religion Department. Applicants should be a Religion major or minor with junior or senior standing. Your application should address the following questions:

  • How will this internship contribute to your study of religion and your professionaldevelopment goals?
  • The CCP brings together individuals and community groups with a wide diversity of cultural backgrounds and identity commitments, and staff engage a broad range ofcultural differences, including race, ethnicity, age, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, class, and religion. What personal qualities and experiences would help you be successful in this internship? Your response should include one example of a situation in your life in which you have successfully engaged issues of cultural difference.
  • Your emailed application must be received by June 20, 2016. Internship finalists will beinterviewed either in person or by Skype/phone.


If you have questions, please contact Prof.Trainor .