University of Vermont

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Your Responsibilities as a Student

  1. Know who your advisor is. (find out here!)
  2. To gather relevant decision-making information, and accept responsibility for decisions.
  3. To keep your advisor informed about changes in your academic progress, course selection, and academic and career goals.
  4. To be familiar with the requirements of your major and to keep up to date with changes.
  5. To understand that your advisor can suggest, recommend, remind you of rules and regulations, but that you have the primary responsibility for meeting program and degree requirements.
  6. To keep your advisor informed in a timely fashion when personal issues arise that interfere with academic progress, so that 1)your advisor can refer you to the appropriate campus resources which can help you, and 2) so that your advisor has enough facts about your situation to be able to assess your academic progress fairly.
  7. To be familiar with general university policies, procedures, and requirements.
  8. To contact and keep in touch with your advisor.
  9. To come prepared to your meetings with your advisor.
  10. To observe academic deadlines.
  11. To ask questions until you understand.

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