University of Vermont

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Advisor's Responsibilities

  • To clarify University of Vermont policies, regulations, programs, and procedures.
  • To be available to meet with you.
  • To be knowledgeable about program(s) in which he/she advises.
  • To communicate his/her expectations to you.
  • To establish, post, and maintain adequate office hours throughout the semester with particular emphasis given to registration and the add/drop period.
  • To refer you to appropriate sources of information and services.
  • To offer advice on selecting courses and to assist you in developing your academic plan.
  • To be a responsive listener and to refer you to appropriate support services.
  • To discuss candidly with you your academic performance and the implications of your performance on your future.
  • To assist you in the transition from college to career.
  • Information for Advisors

    As an advisor, you can access Mid Term Warning Letter Reports for all of your advisees.

    • After logging into the Registrar's website, click on the Advisee List Report.
    • The last column on the right will show you whether an MTWL has been sent to your student, and how many have been sent.
    • Click on the MTWL link to view specific information for your advisee. You will see a list of classes that indicate where the MTWLs came from.

    Faculty Resources

    1. Center for Teaching and Learning
    2. Faculty Affairs Administration
    3. New Faculty Orientation
    4. Writing in the Disciplines Program
    5. Access to Forms and Systems - Student Information System (SIS) and BANNER access, registration override, access for chairs and deans, and much more. Visit the Registrar's website as a gateway to most academic transactions.

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