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Courses that are currently approved for undergraduate neuroscience program requirements:

Spring 2017

NSCI 395: Cellular Neurophysiology Cellular/Molecular Advanced Course Option (minor category B)

Have your neurons been wondering how they work?

Did you know that chemical synapses are not all that reliable?

What is that synaptic plasticity thing all about?

How do ion channels really behave in the neuron?

Undergraduate & Graduate students join us in Spring 2017 for NSCI 395 to learn the answers to these questions and a lot more about what makes your neurons do all the amazing things they do!

Course Summary & Goals: In this course we will discuss in detail, on both the cellular and molecular level, the physiological properties of cells within the nervous system. We will focus not only on the specific details of neuronal physiology, but also on the scientist, hypothesis, and experimental paradigm that validated the foundational ideas and concepts of this field.

This course is designed for Junior/Senior undergraduate and graduate students interested in the Neurosciences. Successful completion of NSCI 110 or 111/112 is a required prerequisite for undergraduate students.

PHRM 200 Medical Cannabis can be used to fulfill the “extra” advanced course option requirement for neuroscience majors.

If you have questions about the course, please email Dr. Sean Flynn at

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