Week 10, March 28-April 1, 2016
CDAE 195 Propaganda, Media Ownership, and Citizen Responsibility

Finish Analysis of Media Organization Presentations (10%): Students choose a media company or organization.
Student presentations should include (and have a handout or web page posting).  Schedule HERE:
  -What the organization and product do, mission, vision, etc.
  -Where the organization would fit in the Classification System in BLUR
  -Demonstrate an example of the media company product
  -Explain Who owns the company or organization
  -Explain Political leanings of company or organization
  -Explain the structure of company, and how they make money
  -Present a summary of company sales over time (last five years if possible)
  -Explain issues associated with the company

Media Org Presentation Critique Sheet

Olivia Parmenter's handout on The Los Angeles Times.
Emily Kretchmer's handout on Fox News .
Dayna Colang's presentation on NBC Sports.

NEW ASSIGNMENT:  Pick one of the following and watch, listen carefully, take notes, and write a one to three page reflection/critique.  Here are the choices:
1. Noam Chomsky's interview response to "If Trump becomes President?"
2. Noam Chomsky's Endorsement of Bernie Sanders.  From Start to 25:00 (OK to watch and critique the rest, but Chomsky is the first 25 mins)
3. Robert Reich, Why Ted Cruz is more dangerous than Donald Trump?
4. Bill O'Reilly Factor, Hillary Clinton Terror Warrior.
5. Fox News : Ingraham: Time for Republicans to unite behind Donald Trump.
6. Bernie Video.
Your reflection/critique should include:
-Why you chose the segment you did.
-How does this segment fit into the Presidential Race?
-Critique the piece, including what propaganda techniques do you see/hear being used?
-Do you agree or disagree, and why.
Due printed on paper and handed in at the beginning of class Friday April 1.

Coming up: Case Study of Media Propaganda (10%)
Schedule HERE
Students will present a case study of a media propaganda situation.
-Define the propaganda situation (what, where, when, who, how, & questions)
-Tell an interesting story about the propaganda situation.
-Explain what propaganda techniques were used by whom.
-Explain who was the target audience.
-Was the propaganda campaign successful?  If so why, if not, why not?
Please create a handout for the audience (can be a web page online, or a paper handout).
Please assign readings or viewings (ex. YouTubes) AHEAD!.
Present your case study in an 5-8 minute informational talk to our class.  Use the feedback you received for the last presentation to improve this coming presentation.

Propaganda Case Study Critique Sheet