Intervale Avenue and Saint Louis Street

Louis McAllister documented the progression of street improvements in Burlington Vermont from the late 1920’s -1940’2. The early photographs that were taken for the Burlington Streets Department are now at the University of Vermont, Bailey Howe Library. These allow for a glimpse into the Burlington of the past. Through McAllister’s camera lens an opportunity is afforded to see just how much the city has really changed, and how much it has remained the same. In the collection of photographs there were just four that document isolated areas of Intervale Avenue and Saint Louis Street. Click on the links below or on the photographs to the left to view Louis McAllister’s images.

1 Intervale Avenue

10 Intervale Avenue

14 Intervale Avenue

20 Intervale Avenue

23 Intervale Avenue

25 Intervale Avenue

178 Intervale Avenue

180 Intervale Avenue

184 Intervale Avenue

186 Intervale Avenue

99 Saint Louis Street

102 Saint Louis Street

204 North Street

714 Riverside Avenue






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