99 Saint Louis Street: Photograph taken by Louis McAllister on May 23, 1942

Built c. 1890
            This residence is balloon-framed front-gabled one-and-a-half-story building with a centrally located chimney. It had a side enclosed porch with double-hung two-over-one windows. The rest of the house contains one-over-one double-hung windows. The building has a stone foundation and is clad in painted wood clapboard siding with contrasting trim. The facade that is facing Manhattan Drive to the right has a single asymetrically located window on the first floor. On the 1926 Sanborn map this building is shown as is with a separate small square building located at the back of the property.[1] In 1942 at the time of McAllister’s photo the building was a private residence.[2]

[1] Sanborn Map,1926. Special Collections, University of Vermont, Burlington Vermont

[2] Burlington City Directory. 1942 (L. P Waite & Co, Publishers Burlington VT)








99 Saint Louis Street: Photograph taken by Rachel Podgurski on September 20, 2005. The geographic position of the photograph is from GPS coordinate UTM NAD83 - (18 642240E 4927944N)

            The current view of this residence shows that a one-and-a-half-story L-shaped addition was constructed on to the original building. A front enclosed porch was added that features four six-over-one windows. The six-over-one windows continue through out the first story of the building. On the second story the windows are one-over-one double-hung. The building is now clad in vinyl siding and is monocramatically painted. The roof has been re-shingled and the central chimney that was present in 1942 is no longer standing.[1]

[1], Jamison, Sara, University of Vermont, Burlington 1877-1890, 99 Saint Louis Street








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