Town House Interior:

        Both the town of Royalton and the Royalton Academy originally used the two-story building.  The first floor of the building consisted of a large room that was used as the Town House.  A partition wall, which extended the entire width of the building, was placed approximately eight feet back from the main entrance.
        This wall served as a division forming an entrance hall, and provided access to the town hall and the stairs to the second floor (located on the Northeast corner of the building).  The wall has since been removed.
        The large room on the first floor that was used by the town as the hall is a rectangular shaped space with wooden benches and a small platform towards the back of the building.  Eleven rows of single benches are placed on a single line in the center of the space and on the sides there are two rows of benches facing the center of the room.  The floor is wood and the walls and ceiling have been plastered.  There is a thin wooden surround around the windows.  A wooden bench is built into the back and sidewalls.  The bench is slightly elevated; the back meets the windows at their base.  In the center of the room, there is a row of wood squared posts with chamfered corners and an old stove with a new aluminum vent tube that goes up to a chimney shaft through the center of the room.
        On the second floor, the building is divided into three spaces; a large room toward the back, which was used as the academy’s classroom, and two smaller ones in front.  The town used the small room on the West corner of the building, and the Academy used the one room on the opposite side as an “apartment”.  The detailing on the second floor is similar to that on the first floor: wooden floors and simple wood surrounds around doors and windows.  The walls and ceilings are plastered.  In the large room used as the Academy classroom, the shadows of the desks are still present in the walls.


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