Near the front of the gable roof is a two-section belfry.  The bottom section is a simple, almost square form with wood siding and corner trim; the section is topped with a wood molding or cornice.  Above the molding, and slightly recessed, is a wooden castellated railing, which adds a Gothic Revival detail (perhaps not uncommon on Greek Revival buildings of the time.)  The section above is not as wide as the one below and it has an arched opening on each of its sides.  The metal roof is an inflected dome with a small metal ball on top.  Each of the twelve over twelve windows has a louvered wood shutter at each side.  The bottom half section on all of the shutters is operable.  The top molding on the upper windows meet the trim below the roof cornice.
        The back elevation seemed to have had four twelve over twelve windows (two on each floor) and a small six paints window lighting the attic.  The upper right window has been blocked out and there is a metal fire stair that comes down from the blocked window to the bottom left side of the elevation.
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