The Royalton Town House, Central District School, and Privy are located in the Royalton Village Common.  The Town House is a two-story Greek Revival style building built in 1840 after the previous one was destroyed by fire the year before.  It is a 3 by 4 bay structure with a slate gable roof with a bell tower towards the front.  Exterior walls are covered with clapboards.  To the southwest of the Town House is the Central District school is a far simpler structure.  The 1 by 4 bay, one-story structure has a small vestibule addition on the front façade.  The gable roof is covered with wood shingles and the walls have wooden clapboards.  Placed between the two buildings, the small rectangular shaped privy has gable wood-shingled roof and clapboard walls.

Royalton Town House
Central Distric School

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