Plenary Session...

London, December 7, 1995

This session, organized by Strategic Communications and Altimedia, Inc, focuses on online multimedia publishing on the Web today, specifically on four genres that are pushing well beyond conventional boundaries of print --and even electronic-- publishing. Our commentators...

Hope A. Greenberg
University of Vermont
"Of Bodies Chang'd to Various Forms, I Sing"
The Worldwide Web and the Metamorphosis of Humanities Scholarship

Michael J. Palmer
American Management Systems, Inc.
Don't Sell... Inform
How the best international companies are using the Web
to reach their most influential audiences

Robert A. Duffy
Strategic Communications
Magic carpets and the tools of institutional knowledge
Why the museum community is leading the field in networked multimedia

Jennifer Bort Yacovissi
Communications and Systems Specialists, Inc.
The WebZine Scene
Digging out from the underground...