University of Vermont

Office of the General Counsel

Scope of Representation

The Office of the General Counsel represents UVM as an institutional client, the institution acting through its authorized officials, including the Board of Trustees, the President, the Provost and Senior Vice President, Vice Presidents, Deans and Directors, and other persons responsible for the management of academic and administrative units. The Office does not provide personal legal advice or representation to UVM administrators, faculty, students, or staff.

The Office of the General Counsel is exclusively responsible for engaging the services of outside law firms for specialized legal needs.

Description of Services

The Office of the General Counsel provides a wide array of legal services. Among other activities, the Office:

  • Anticipates and advises UVM officials and personnel on the legal implications of policy and other administrative decisions;
  • Drafts, reviews, and makes recommendations to UVM officials regarding institutional contracts, policies and operating procedures;
  • Represents or oversees the legal representation of UVM in significant commercial transactions, litigation, and agency proceedings;
  • Advises and assists UVM officials in understanding and managing legal risks associated with personnel, student, commercial, and other matters;
  • Offers advice and drafting assistance to UVM officials engaged in significant internal personnel processes;
  • Offers and participates in educational programs regarding laws and legal issues affecting higher education; and
  • Monitors and communicates with clients proactively regarding legal developments relevant to University operations and campus life.

All materials provided on this website, including the contents of linked pages, are provided for general informational purposes only. While we seek to provide links to current and authoritative information, neither UVM nor this office guarantees the accuracy of information accessible online; therefore, this information must not be relied upon as substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney. Please contact a UVM Office of the General Counsel attorney to obtain current legal advice specifically responsive to your questions.

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