University of Vermont

216th Commencement Ceremonies - May 20 and 21, 2017

International Students - Documents

If you are an international student preparing to graduate, you may have family members who would like to travel to Burlington to participate in the Commencement events. To aid your family members/visitors in obtaining a visitor visa for this purpose, you should provide them with the following documents to support their visa interview:

  • Letter of invitation written by YOU in your native language and in English which states:
    • Why you want them to visit;
    • The expected length of the visit;
    • Where your family members will be staying during the visit;
    • Who will be paying for the visit.
    • F-1 Students: a copy of your I-20
    • Proof of student status at UVM – you can request this through your MyUVM portal on the “registrar” tab. If you need a more specific letter because your family has had difficulty in obtaining a visa in the past, the Registrar's Office can provide this to you.

Your family members should bring documents, along with proof of funding for the trip (either a bank statement from you or their own bank statement showing the ability to cover the costs of the trip) to the appropriate consular office to obtain a visitor visa. For further information on applying for a visitor’s visa to enter the United States, visit

Students are encouraged to speak with an international student advisor in the Office of International Education (802-656-4296) with any questions.

Last modified January 14 2016 12:29 PM