In theatre no individual person can create a masterpiece.  Each individual person helps to make the production a worthwhile experience.  The playwright gives us the script, the actors bring to life the script, and the designers give us costumes, sets, and lights, all of which create a scene that will take you wherever the play takes place.  Additionally, the director molds all of these aspects into one solid piece, and of course the stage manager makes sure the show runs smoothly.  The last part of any play is the audience, which influences the piece from the outside and gives it a dimension that is impossible to achieve any other way.
 Education resembles theatre very much in this way.  You need students (actors), a teacher (director), a classroom (set), lights, manipulatives (props), a curriculum (script), and the school environment (audience) to create in children both a love of learning and the ability to hold in the knowledge that is being taught to them.  Other aspects of education are parents, other teachers, and outside college classes that many teachers take, these also influence the teaching and learning the way an audience influences a play.  Separately each aspect of education is good, but together the result is amazing.
 One area of education that is especially important to me is group work, as I see the results that it can have on children and on their learning, I see that it is something that I would like to continue in the future.  Group work, and especially Complex Instruction, is another area where you need to count on the combined efforts of a group of people to create one product.
 Education is like the theatre is so many ways, but it also differs.  In theatre you can have a specialty and stick with that area, never deviating.  In education, people expect students and teachers to use their strengths and specialties to help themselves grow while expanding in other areas to become a more well-rounded person.  Also after the big performance, theatre is over, until you choose to start another project.  Education on the other hand is never over and it is always a part of you.
 Theatre and education both give students and teachers the opportunity to create things beyond expectations and make it fun in the process.(PC 3c)

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