University of Vermont

School of Engineering

Undergraduate Program
Mechanical Engineering

Curriculum Tracks

The curriculum in Mechanical Engineering leading to a degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering offers instruction in design, solid and fluid mechanics, materials, manufacturing processes and systems, as well as in engineering, life and physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

There are two options leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering:

An accelerated master's degree program leading to an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering is available to students in all undergraduate options. An accelerated masters program is available in Biomedical Engineering for those enrolled in the Biomedical Engineering Option. For specific program requirements press the "Graduate" button above, center.

Humanities and Social Science Requirements

Courses in the humanities and social sciences are required in engineering programs to broaden the student's understanding of humankind and relationships in society. For more detailed information, please see: