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Biomedical Engineering

The B.S. in Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a 4-year degree that trains engineers to work at the interface between engineering and the biomedical sciences. The curriculum is structured into two phases: Foundational and Specialization.

The Foundational Phase establishes a core of math and science, builds a solid foundation in quantitative engineering methods and biomedical sciences, and exposes students to opportunities in biomedical engineering. In the Specialization Phase students continue their studies in one of three Specializations: Biosensing & Instrumentation; Cell, Tissue, & Organ Biomechanics; and Systems & Network Biology. All Specializations involve technical electives that focus on the application of engineering methods to track-related biomedical problems.

The BME degree leverages strong ties between UVM's School of Engineering and its College of Medicine. This BME collaboration will provide students unique biomedical opportunities in a professional setting.

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