University of Vermont


2008-2009 Capstone Projects

Project NameClientFaculty
CPR Buddy: an EMT-assist deviceZoll MedicalMike Rosen
Under-sink disposal-composterIdeas Well DoneJeff Marshall
Internet-based system for accessing resources in a USAF theater of operationsMITRESean Wang
Sensors and connectivity for detecting and communicating manual machining failuresGeneral DynamicsRosen
Sweat Power: harvesting workout energyUVM Fitness CenterRosen &Paul Hines
Reduction of energy consumption in wafer fabIBMMike Cross
Hybrid Human-Electric-Powered trikeDavid ClayMike Coleman
Erasable tactile sketchpadNat. Fed. of the BlindRosen & Coleman
The Granulometer: particle size measurement in automated coffee brewingGreen Mt. Coffee RoastersRobert Jenkins
Conditioning the polishing pad for wafer fabIBMMike Werner
Schlieren imaging of high-speed flows in miniature nozzlesNASADarren Hitt
The Mars Duster: removing charged nano-dust from solar panels on Mars RoversNASAMarshall
Hypersonic flow sample holderNASADoug Fletcher
SnowMAN 2.0 sensor network for spring run-off productionNASA/Space GrantChristian Skalka & Jeff Frolik