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Faculty and students involved in the Energy application area work on topics involving alternative energy generation, energy efficiency and management, and energy storage and transmission. Many faculty in this area collaborate with the UVM Transportation Center, as well as a variety of regional companies and state and federal agencies.

Example Projects

Hydrogen Storage Methods

Sub-Project 1A collaborative complex systems approach to safety and operations of hydrogen fuel infrastructure in northern climates.
Contacts: Dryver Huston, Peter Dodds (Math); plus eVermont, Zhejiang University (China), Tsinghau University(China)

Hydrogen Generation Using Nanostructured Surfaces

Experimental design and multi-scale modeling of self-assembled nanostructures for hydrogen generation and utilization.
Contacts: Walter Varhue, Darren Hitt

Sub-Project 2

Photo: StarBulletin.comComplex Systems Models of Electrical Networks

This project seeks to develop cooperation methods for software and human agents interacting with electricity networks, considering the complex dynamics of the physical infrastructure and the changing nature of the electricity industry.
Contacts:Paul Hines

Biowaste Combustion Processes

Modeling of distributed biowaste electrical power generation for hybrid vehicles using a multiscale agent-based approach.
Contacts: Jeff Marshall

Sub-Project 3