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Multiscale Systems


  • Fred SansozFred Sansoz (Point Person)
    Assistant Professor
    Professor Sansoz is director of the Sansoz Research Group-Materials Nanomechanics Lab, a research group focused on the mechanics of nanostructured materials at the small, atomic scale. His areas of expertise are: the nanomechanical behavior of interfaces and nanomaterials; the synthesis and properties of metallic thin films and nanowires; and the mechanics and physical information in molecular junctions. Find out more...
  • Yves Dubief
    Assistant Professor
    Professor Dubief's areas of expertise are fluid mechanics, turbulence, incompressible and compressible flows, non-Newtonian flows, and numerical simulation. His research focuses on how vortices organize turbulence and how they can be controlled, and is expanding to include other flows where complexity happens at much smaller scales than turbulence. Find out more...
  • Doug Fletcher

    Professor Fletcher's areas of expertise are laser diagnostics of compressible flows, reacting flows, and plasmas, as well as the aerothermodynamics of planetary entry. At the von Karman Institute (VKI) in Belgium, he led research teams that supported the joint US-Europe Mars Sample Return mission (Mars Premiere), the US-Europe mission to Saturn and its moon Titan (Cassini-Huygens), and the development of hypersonic flight vehicles.
  • Darren HittDarren Hitt
    Associate Professor

    Professor Hitt is director of the Microfluid Mechanics Laboratory which investigates complex fluid-mechanical and transport phenomena on microscopic length scales. Current research projects involve: micro-scale monopropellant propulsion for next-generation "nanosats"; multi-fluid flow configurations and mixing in microchannels; and stability characteristics of weakly rarefied gas flows. Find out more...
  • Britt HolménBritt Holmén
    Associate Professor

    Professor Holmén's areas of expertise include particle interface chemistry, airborne particle emissions and processes, herbicide gas/particle partitioning, lidar remote sensing, transportation and air quality, and nonpoint source emissions. Her research focuses on contaminant transport processes in air and soil, with an emphasis on conducting field measurements. Find out more...
  • Jeff MarshallJeff Marshall

    Professor Marshall is director of the Vortex and Particulate Flow Laboratory which specializes in fluid dynamics research related to vorticity and particulate transport in incompressible fluids. His areas of expertise are vortex-structure interaction, vortex turbulence, two-phase turbulent flows, particle adhesion, biofluid flows, Lagrangian and multiscale computational methods, and thin-film flows. Find out more...
  • Gagan MirchandaniGagan Mirchandani

    Professor Mirchandani's research focuses on image processing problems and complex wavelets. His areas of expertise are image processing, wavelets, and signal processing. Find out more...

  • Kurt OughstunKurt Oughstun

    Professor Oughstun's current research topics include imaging through complex media and systems, molecular optics, and pulsed inverse optics. His research interests include asymptotic analysis; the frequency-domain and time-domain representations of electromagnetic, optical, and acoustic wave fields; electromagnetic properties of dielectric, conducting, and semiconducting materials; diffraction and scattering theory; coherence theory; the rigorous description of dispersive pulse propagation in both linear and nonlinear media and waveguiding structures; nonlinear optics; and laser physics. Find out more...
  • Steve Titcomb
    Associate Professor

    Professor Titcomb's area of expertise is solid state electronics.
  • Walter VarhueWalter Varhue

    Professor Varhue's area of expertise is plasma processing of thin film materials.