University of Vermont


Contact Engineering

Our main office (Room 103) is located on the first floor of Votey Hall, in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS). The University website has maps that will help you find your way around campus.

For questions, please see the contacts below.

  Name Email Phone
  Interim Director Luis Garcia 656-8413
Undergraduate Program Coordinators
  Civil & Environmental Engineering Mandar Dewoolkar 656-1942
  Electrical Engineering Jeff Frolik 656-0732
  Engineering Management CEMS Student Services 656-3392
  Mechanical Engineering Yves Dubief 656-9830
Graduate Program Coordinators
  Bioengineering Jason Bates 656-0978
  Civil & Environmental
George Pinder 656-8697
  Electrical Engineering Tian Xia 656-8996
  Materials Science Randall Headrick
(Dept. of Physics) 656-0048
  Mechanical Engineering Fred Sansoz 656-3837