University of Vermont


Bioengineering Graduate Program

Bioengineering at UVM

The University of Vermont offers a Doctor of Philosopy degree in the interdisciplinary Bioengineering Program. The program bridges faculty from the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) and College of Medicine (COM).

Bioengineering research at the University of Vermont focuses on the application of quantative engineering analysis to the study of biological systems. Areas of research include biomechanics, biotechnology, systems biology, environmental engineering, infectious disease, biomaterials, and mathematical biology.

The focus of this program is the development and implementation of computational and experimental engineering approaches for describing, analyzing, and predicting the behavior of complex biological systems at multiple scales. We consider scales ranging from the molecular level to the cell, tissue, organ, organism, and population levels. Emphasis is placed on understanding how biochemical, biomechanical and/or other biophysical processes interact and influence emergent properties at these different levels.