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2008 NKS Summer School to be held at UVM

Release Date: 01-28-2008

Author: Dawn Marie Densmore
Email: Dawn.Densmore@uvm.edu
Phone: Array Fax: 802-656-8802

Summer School 2008The New Kind of Science (NKS) Summer School 2008 will once again be held June 23 - July 11, 2008 at the University of Vermont's College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS). This unique three-week opportunity with original research at the frontiers of science consists of lectures and individual research projects relating to core NKS issues. Approximately 40 advanced undergraduate and graduate students from a diverse range of scientific backgrounds will learn about NKS and how to apply it to their fields of interest.

Dr. Stephen
WolframStephen Wolfram is the author of A New Kind of Science and the creator of Mathematica — now the world's leading software system for technical computing and symbolic programming (and the tool which made NKS possible). "NKS has opened the doors to dramatic new directions in research," says Dr. Wolfram, "and the UVM CEMS Complex Systems Center highlights the importance of these emerging advances. We're excited to see such rapid growth in the field and to work with UVM to create new research possibilities in the future."

CEMS Dean Domenico Grasso agrees, adding, "It's an honor to once again host the Wolfram NKS Summer School, as NKS links nicely with our Complex Systems Center's focus on the need for technological solutions that can address the complexities of our world."

Students will work with project mentors to create computer experiments programmed in Mathematica, and individual presentations will be made at the conclusion of the school.

The NKS Summer School is looking for students who want to move their career in the NKS direction. Participants are expected to have read NKS in some level of detail. Additionally, because all projects will be done using Mathematica, learning its basics before the start of the program is highly recommended. Interested students are invited to apply early. For more information, go to NKS Summer School 2008 or call (800) 639-3210.

Get College Credits

The UVM CEMS Complex Systems Center offers college credits for the Wolfram NKS Summer School. Participants can register for three credits of complexity science or three credits of mathematics. For questions about registration, go to NKS Summer School 2008 or please call (800) 639-3210.

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