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CEMS - The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Subject: Mechanical Engineering


ME 001 - First-Year Design Experience

Introduction to the engineering profession and design. Hands-on experiences that emphasize interdisciplinary teamwork, technical communications, and project design methodologies. Cross-listed with: EE 001.

ME 012 - Dynamics

Kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies in two and three dimensions. Computer-aided analysis. Prerequisite: CE 001, MATH 121.

ME 014 - Mechanics of Solids

Stress, strain, temperature relationships, torsion, bending stresses and deflections. Columns, joints, thin-walled cylinders. Combined stresses and Mohr's circle. Prerequisite: CE 001, MATH 121, ME 012, or concurrent enrollment. Cross-listed with: CE 100.

ME 040 - Thermodynamics

Principles of engineering thermodynamics; applications of these principles to thermodynamic cycles. Prerequisites: MATH 022, PHYS 031 with PHYS 021.

ME 042 - Applied Thermodynamics

Analysis of isentropic processes, gas, vapor and combined power cycles; refrigeration/heat pump cycles; relationships for ideal and real gases; gas mixtures and psychrometric applications. Prerequisite: ME 040.

ME 081 - Mech Engr Shop Experience

Introduction to the machine shop environment; shop safety; proper use of essential shop tools; machining techniques. Pre/co-requisite: Sophomore standing in Mechanical Engineering.

ME 083 - Computational Mech. Engr. Lab

Introduction to finite element analysis, solid modeling, and stress-strain analysis with post-processing techniques. Online course. Prerequisite: CE 001. Co-requisite: ME 014 or CE 100.

ME 101 - Materials Engineering

Atomic structure, crystalline structure, mechanical properties and testing of materials, phase equilibria, processing of metals, polymers, and ceramics. Prerequisite: ME 014.

ME 095 - Special Topics

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles. One to three hours with Instructor approval.

ME 044 - Heat Transfer

Introductory treatment of heat transfer by conduction, convection, and radiation. Co-requisite: ME 040.

ME 082 - Mech Engineering Lab I

Computer methods in mechanical engineering. Introduction to scientific programming; solids modeling and stress analysis. Pre/co-requisite: CE 001.

ME 111 - System Dynamics

Modeling of systems with mechanical, electrical, fluid, and thermal elements. Linear systems analysis. Response of vibratory and feedback systems. Computer simulation. Prerequisite: ME 012. Co-requisite: MATH 124.

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