University of Vermont

Department of Computer Science

11th UVM Computer Science Research Day

(Organized by Professor Xindong Wu)
September 6, 2013, 8:30am - 4:00pm

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8:30 Continental Breakfast

9:00 Welcome

9:10 Keynote: Why Computers Need Humans and Humans Need Computers to Make Search Work
by Kenneth Stanley, University of Central Florida

10:10 Break

10:30 Research Grant Presentations (20 minutes each)

Josh Bongard:
Investigating the Ultimate Mechanisms of Cognition
(funded by NSF PECASE - Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers)

Maggie Eppstein:
Searching the Clinical Fitness Landscape
(funded by NIH)

Chris Skalka:
Staged Programming for Wireless Sensor Network Orchestration
(funded by DOD YIP)

Xindong Wu:
Integrating and Mining Big Data from Multiple Sources
(funded by NSF)

12:00 Lunch Buffet

1:15 PhD Student/Postdoc Presentations I (15 minutes each)

Saurav Acharya:
Fast Causal Network Inference over Event Streams
(PdD Adviser: Byung Lee)

Shane Celis:
Achieving Higher-Level Cognitive Tasks in Robotics by Scaffolding Embodied Realizations
(PhD Adviser: Josh Bongard)

Peter Chapin:
Trust Management in Sensor Networks: Direct vs. Staged Approaches
(PhD Adviser: Chris Skalka)

Ahmed Hamed:
A Twitter-based Smoking Cessation Recruitment System
(PhD Advisers: Xindong Wu and Byung Lee)

Ilknur Icke:
A Hybrid Deterministic/Symbolic Regression Algorithm Applied to
(Postdoc Adviser: Josh Bongard)

2:30 Break

2:45 PhD Student/Postdoc Presentations II (15 minutes each)

Gary Johnson:
Integrating Topography, Surface Cover, and Extreme Fire Weather
Conditions to Assess Wildfire Risk in the Western United States
(PhD Adviser: Robert Snapp)

Haiguang Li:
A Real-Time Transportation Prediction System
(PhD Adviser: Xindong Wu)

Narine Manukyan:
Team Structure and Quality Improvement in Collaborative Environments
(PhD Adviser: Maggie Eppstein)

Javier Garcia-Bernardo:
Tunable Stochastic Pulsing in the Escherichia Coli Multiple Antibiotic Resistance
Network from Interlinked Positive and Negative Feedback Loops
(MS Adviser: Mary Dunlop)

3:45 Closing

Photo Gallery

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