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Ethan Eldridge Ethan Eldridge, a recent graduate from CEMS and majoring in Computer Science, obtained an internship over the Summer of 2013 with Bear Code, a company that provides "superior programming talent for internet based applications that rely on robust backend relational databases" located in Montpelier, Vermont.

"My internship through Vermont HITEC has been a summer well spent! An internship is one of those opportunities that everyone should try to get onto their resume, and HITEC definitely made it easy to find one that fit me. I'm happy to be transitioning from an internship to a full time position soon.

I did front-end web development for my last two internships. They were an easy and good experience but it wasn't very challenging. I wanted an internship that presented interesting problems to solve, and to get away from spending hours adjusting some small detail on a page…. At my HITEC internship I finally got the change I wanted, working on back-end systems. It was a more enjoyable experience and my co-workers were very helpful in guiding me along when I needed help or advice.

Besides back-end Java systems, I also created two initial designs for the architecture of two client systems and created estimates of milestones and features that would be created for each of the two systems. Designing data models and how components would interact with each other was challenging but fun. And having meetings to get feedback was a great learning experience for when there was something I hadn't considered, as well as a good way to validate that the time spent in software engineering classes hadn't been wasted.

Being in a 'real' workplace really helped my version control workflow get better as well. I was already comfortable using the GIT version control system, and had worked in small teams before, but there was never a formal workflow that was followed. Here, I fell easily into using the gitflow workflow and seeing the benefits that using it could bring to merge conflict resolution when working in a team. Also, the benefits of a change log and a good GIT history was made fully apparent to me when it came time to inform a client about all the changes to a system during a new release.

Overall, my internship was a very positive experience from the beginning when I was first working with Steven and Jim on formatting my resume to be easier to read, to the end when I was debugging and integrating new features into the back-end system I'd worked on. The thing employers look for in candidates is actions, not buzzwords or how high your GPA was. Going out of your way to get an internship or doing side projects is important for anyone who wants a career right out of college. I'd recommend getting an internship as soon as you can, and HITEC is really great at finding one that fits you and works hard to match you to an employer that fits what you want."

-Ethan Eldridge

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