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CEMS Video

Transcript for "CEMS 30 Second PSA"


Imagine your world

Unpolluted (pictures of fresh stream/mountain)

Sustainable (pictures of wind/solar)

with a healthy environment – (pictures recycling)

On screen: The University of Vermont’s College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences tower pic


Our highly collaborative multi-disciplinary environment (pictures female student in lab)

Our distinguished faculty

(pictures of faculty members: Joshua Bongard/Paul Hines/Donna Rizzo/John Voight/Frederic Sansoz)

Our labs (picture of Allison Murphy in lab)

Our hands-on engineering projects (pictures projects and of the Aero Hybrid vehicle)


Become an innovative thinker –(picture of space satelite)

Make a difference! – (picture of world in hands)

“Realizing the power of engineering thought” (picture of our CEMS poster)

Hi, I’m Chip Cole, Interim Dean of the College of Engineering and Mathematical the University of Vermont. Come! Realize the Power of Engineering Thought.

On screen picture of CEMS poster: “realize the power of engineering thought”

Watch the video.