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Check out the videos below created by students, staff and professors in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS).

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  • Why Choose CEMS? Why Choose CEMS?
    Want to know more about CEMS — who we are and what we do? Check out this video about the College.
  • CEMS Update: December 2009 CEMS Update: December 2009
    Interim Dean Bernard "Chip" Cole describes the College's latest research and other news.

Computer Science

Fall 2009: CS 195 - Hands On Robotics
  • Mindstorms Strikeout Baseball Mindstorms Strikeout Baseball
    Mark Cooper, Shawn Bonneau and Mike Wheeler had fun implementing a baseball game that uses two independent Lego Mindstorm bricks — one for the pitcher, one for the batter.
  • Egg-Sorting Robot Egg-Sorting Robot
    Chris Swanson, Wiliam Purcell and Jorge Logan Arias explored factory automation with their egg sorter.
  • NXJ Piano Player NXJ Piano Player
    Bernadette Gill, Noah White-Hammerslough and Al Harnisch taught their Lego Mindstorm to play the keyboard.
  • RecycleBot RecycleBot
    Austin Emmons, Borja Garcia Sanchez and Naomi Pollica created a robot that sorts recyclables.
  • Rover Rover
    Ron Magnuson, Phil Plourde and Evan Selleck created a robot that is controlled using a Wii remote and wireless internet signals; both the robot and the controlling computer have webcams.
CEMS YouTube Contest
  • Controlling Technologies Controlling Technologies
    A funny look at how technology makes us more efficient — or not! Congrats to Chris Paganelli and crew for Second Place in our 2008 CEMS YouTube Contest.
CS Lectures
  • Dr. Xindong Wu presents Top-10 Algorithms in Data Mining Top-10 Algorithms in Data Mining
    Dr. Xindong Wu presents the top-10 data mining algorithms identified by the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM).
Fall 2008: CS 195 - Hands On Robotics
  • Baldur, the BiPed Robot Baldur, the BiPed Robot
    JoyLee Flahive, Joshua Miner, Samir Omerovic and Ben Symonds created a biped walker controlled using two NXT bricks connected via Bluetooth on a Mac running Windows XP.
  • The Barista The Barista
    Jared Model, Steve Brooks, Matt Bansak and Conor Dow created "The Barista," a Lego Mindstorm robot designed for the purpose of refilling drinks at a cafe.
  • Guitar Hero 2.0 Guitar Hero: 2.0
    Team Alpha Wolf Squadron — Simone Willett, Travis Rohlin, Ken Austin, Jon Paquette — created a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot that uses LeJOS to play Guitar Hero.
  • Robo Pup Robo Pup
    Mike Garnsey, Russ Hirschorn, Caleb Searles and Craig Nally made a robot dog with Lego Mindstorms that follows, obeys remote controls and plays in "dog" mode.
  • Wii Control Wii Control
    Thomas Stirling, Joel Blouin, Ryan Mannigan and Glenn Rachlin designed a robot to take commmands via Bluetooth through a Nintendo Wiimote.
Spring 2008: CS 228 - Human-Computer Interaction
  • braintempest aka the murdercycle braintempest aka the murdercycle
    Designed by Joel Dudley, Fernando Iglesias and John Dimona.
  • Lego Mindstorms Robot Lego Mindstorms Robot
    Designed by Eric Shepard, Jessa McCartney and Stephanie Burger.
  • Mindstorms Project Mindstorms Project
    Designed by Paul Vidich, Taylor Mendelsohn and Max Guyton, this robot is controlled via the arrow keys on a laptop over a bluetooth connection. It includes an ultrasonic sensor and a light sensor.
  • Robot Basketball Robot Basketball
    Designed by Simone Willett and Wesley Riley, light and touch sensors move the robot forward and backwards. A noise sensor moves the arms. Each "clap" or loud noise makes a new movement.
  • The Wii Machine The Wii Machine
    Designed by Jared Model and Connor Dow.
Spring 2007: CS 228 - Human-Computer Interaction
  • Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot
    Designed by Steve Whaley and Jacob Beauregard, this robot listens for a loud sound (e.g., a clap) to trigger movement.


Mathematics & Statistics