University of Vermont

Lectures 2007-2008

Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series

The Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series is sponsored by the Dean's Office of the College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences. Lectures are free and open to the public.

  • 4-10-08: Brian H. Wells (Raytheon Chief Systems Engineer & Senior Principal Engineering Fellow) and H. Alex Sanchez (Raytheon Senior Principal Systems Engineer, Mission Innovation) discussed complex systems and the U.S. educational system. Check out the poster.
  • 11-15-07: Dr. C.C. Wood (Vice President, Santa Fe Institute) discussed the Santa Fe Institute's experiences in stimulating transformative, multi-disciplinary research. Find out more...
  • 9-20-07: Dr. David Pensak (DuPont Corporation, Former Chief Computer Scientist; Raptor Corporation, Founder; Wharton Business School, Professor Emeritus) explained that innovation is a skill that absolutely can be taught, and learned. Find out more...

CEMS Lectures