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Hitt Chairs 2012 AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference

Darren HittDr. Darren Hitt, Associate Professor in the School of Engineering, served as the Technical Conference Chair for the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) annual Fluid Dynamics Conference held in New Orleans in June 2012.  The AIAA, the world’s foremost aerospace professional society, sponsors this annual conference focused on fluid dynamics research.  Hitt oversaw the processing and review of 300+ conference paper submissions and the subsequent development of 50 conference sessions. 

"Overseeing the evolution of a conference planning from its nascent stages in the form of countless spreadsheets to the unfolding of the actual event was quite the experience.  I am indebted to the expert support staff at the AIAA headquarters without whose help such an event would be impossible," says Hitt.

Dr. Hitt, an Associate Fellow of the AIAA, serves on the AIAA’s Fluid Dynamics Technical Committee (FDTC) where he also chairs the Microfluids Working Group.  The focus of the AIAA FDTC lies in the fundamental behaviors of liquids and gases in motion and their desired control in contexts relevant to aerospace systems and applications, across the full range of speeds from subsonic to hypersonic, as well as interdisciplinary fluid dynamics in areas such as bio-fluid flow, materials processing, aeroelasticity, propulsion, aerothermodynamics, aeroacoustics, MEMS, electromagnetics, and heat transfer.


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