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Governor's Report Recommends Doubling Size of UVM's Engineering, Computer Science, and Math Programs

Votey HallOne of the recommendations of an eight-member advisory panel appointed by Gov. Peter Shumlin, and chaired by Nick Donofrio, former general manager of IBM's plant in Essex, suggests doubling of the size of the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) comprised of the School of Engineering, Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics & Statistics. .  The hope is to create a Vermont Institute to attract “great thinkers” and an innovation center to serve the state’s economic needs. The report not only emphasizes STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), but proposes a new acronym — STEAM — with the “A” standing for arts with the intent to produce engineers that are thinkers and innovators.

The panel’s report entitled, “New Ideas for Changing Times: Strengthening the Partnership Between the State of Vermont and the University of Vermont” examines the relationship between UVM and the state and recommends quick action to address longstanding structural and program issues that affect their important relationship.

The report also recommends UVM be affordable to in-state students and further promotes health and food-systems research and education, two of UVM’s designated spires of excellence, as well as to enhance its role as an economic engine for the state in support of job creation, technological innovation and partnership with private business. Shumlin, said, “We must act quickly” to ensure the state thrives in the 21st century and said he is willing to “work tirelessly” to make the recommendations happen.

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