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CEMS researchers win awards from UTC & VTrans Research for more than $1M

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The collaboration between researchers in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and the UVM Transportation and Research Center (TRC) continues to blossom as evidenced by recent wave of new awards from the University Transportation Center (UTC) and the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) which total more than $1 million.

“This new spate of awards draws national attention to the impressive research within our College,” says Bernard “Chip” Cole, Interim Dean of CEMS. “The continued support of the TRC and CEMS Professor Lisa Aultman-Hall ensuring linkages between engineering and transportation are truly a noteworthy part of UVM’s emphasis on transdisciplinary research.

CEMS Faculty members will research topics such as: Vermont highway work zones; Vermont bridges; environmentally friendly porous concrete; use of sensors for bridge monitoring; reducing the health effects of biodiesel exhaust emissions; tailpipe emissions from hybrid vehicles; mobility and food systems; the impact of electric vehicles on the electric power system; and long-distance travel. Approximately $690K has been allocated from the USDOT-funded UTC program and $365K from the VTrans RAC Programs. 

The UVM UTC was created in 2006 with funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation and focuses on mobility, sustainability and livability.   

The projects supported by the new funding include:

Research by Dr. Lee entitled, “Work Zones and Travel Speeds: The effects of uniform traffic officers & other speed management measures”, awarded approximately $75K.

Research projects by Dr. Mandar Dewoolkar entitled, “Prediction and mitigation of scour for Vermont bridges” received approximately $111K; and “Designing Porous Concrete to Resist Damage from Deicing Salts and Freeze-Thaw” awarded approximately $98K.

Research by Dr. Eric Hernandez entitled, “Statistical Analysis of Weigh-in-Motion Data to Validate Use of HL-93 AASHTO Vehicle Live Load for Bridge Design in Vermont,” awarded approximately $81K.

Research by Drs. Naomi Fukagawa (PI), Britt Holmén, Jason Bates, Brian Palmer, Li  Muyao entitled, “Nutritional Supplementation with the Antioxidant, Glutathione to Reduce the Health Effects of Petro- and Biodiesel Exhaust Particle Emissions,” awarded approximately $130K.

Research by Dr. Britt Holmén (PI) entitled, “Evaluation of Transportation/Air Quality Model Improvements Based on TOTEMS On-road Driving Style and Tailpipe Emissions Data,” awarded approximately $149K.

Research by Drs. Jane Kolodinsky (PI), Brian Lee, Erin Roche, Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne entitled, “Estimating the effect of mobility and food choice on obesity,” awarded approximately $125K.

Research by Drs. Paul Hines (PI), Jeff Marshall, and Jeff Frolik entitled, “Electric Vehicles and their Impact on the Electric Power Delivery System,” awarded approximately $137K.

Research by Dr. Brian Lee (PI) entitled, “The Application of Attitude-Based Latent Factors in Analyzing Public Mode Shares of Inter-city Travel in Northeastern Rural Regions,” awarded approximately $150K.

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