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The 2011 UVM Aiken/TASC* Challenges (Technology And Science Connection)

EWeek team in actionHundreds of sponges, T-shirts, and toilet tissue rolls were catapulted by middle and high school students to five ‘mock’ communities in need during the 2011 UVM Aiken/TASC Delivery of Emergency Supplies” Challenges  held in the UVM Patrick Gym tennis courts.  Sponsored by the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) and The Aiken Lecture Series as well as approximately 60 businesses, 60 teams from 21 middle and high schools competed for awards that included: IBM Overall Design Value Awards, PC Construction Cost Effective Delivery Awards, General Dynamics Delivery of Emergency Relief Awards, IEEE Smallest Energy Generation and Launch Footprint Awards, Husky Marketing Awards, Dynapower Delivery of the Most Emergency Supplies Awards, NRG Shortest Time to Deliver Emergency Supply Awards, and the Mylan Technology Emergency Video Awards for the best 30 to 60 second videos on Emergency Vehicle Preparedness.

Students had to work within a delivery area 20 feet long and 12 feet wide and had 15 minutes to generate energy and then use that energy to catapult their emergency supplies to five different locations. The size of each team’s catapult devices had to meet specific parameters and each team was required to make a marketing presentation to representatives from Husky Injection Molding from Milton, Vermont.   Members of the Vermont Army National Guard spoke on the impact of Hurricane Irene on Vermont communities, and Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts visited to view the event prior to individual classes offered by UVM CEMS on a variety of topics such as computers, electronics, engineering, photography, metals, surveying and architecture.

“It is through outreach programs such as the UVM AikenTASC Challenges that students learn how to make a difference in the world while learning firsthand what it takes to be an engineer or scientist,” says Bernard “Chip” Cole, Interim Dean of the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences.

In its 21st year, this event is named after George D. Aiken, former U. S. senator and governor of Vermont who was an advocate for student education.  The Aiken Lecture Series sponsors this event because it encourages middle and high school students to create engineering solutions to address needs within communities in our world.  Many student participants of the Aiken/TASC Challenges go on to study engineering within UVM CEMS.

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1st  Hanover HS - Purple Dragons

             1st  Hanover HS - Purple Dragons


IBM: Best Overall Award

•  1st  Hanover HS - Purple Dragons

•  2nd  Hanover HS - For the Win

•  3rd  Champlain Valley Union High School - Red Hawks 1

Husky: Marketing Award

•  1st  Hanover High School - For the Win

•  2nd  Hanover High School - Quicksilver!

•  3rd  River Valley Technical Center - The Saviors

General Dynamics: Delivery of Emergency Relief Supplies

•  1st  Hanover High School - The Purple Dragons

•  2nd  St Johnsbury Academy - W Squared

•  3rd  Mt Mansfield Union High School - Flying Cougars

PC Construction: Cost Effective Delivery of Emergency Supplies

•  1st  Sharon Academy - Vague Understanding

•  2nd  Mt Mansfield Union High School - Team Boom

•  3rd  Middlebury Union High School - JACD

IEEE: Delivery of Emergency Relief Supplies Using Smallest Energy Generation and Footprint Award

•  1st  Hanover High School - For the Win

•  2nd  Middlebury Union High School - Purple Haze

•  3rd  Mt Mansfield Union High School - Man Cannon

NRG: Shortest Time to Successfully Deliver First Emergency Supply Package Award

•  1st  Middlebury Union HS - Lightning Technology Inc.

•  2nd  Essex Junction HS - The MAVs

•  3rd  St Johnsbury Academy - H-Men

Dynapower: Delivery of Most Emergency Supplies Award

•  1st  Champlain Valley Union HS - Red Hawks 1

•  2nd  River Valley Tech Center - The Saviors

•  3rd  Sharon Academy - But Seriously

PSA: Emergency Preparedness Video

•  1st  Team MAU - Mt Anthony Union High School

•  2nd  Bennington Patriots - Mt Anthony Union High School

•  3rd  The MAVS - Essex High School