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Christina Bednarek
Christina Bednarek
  • Company Where Internship Completed: Vermont Gas Systems
  • Major: Civil Engineering
  • Internship Tasks: Worked with civil engineers in the field and office, conducted field surveys, and created CAD drawings and designs
  • In her own Words: “My internship opportunity definitely taught me a lot about the skills I have gained in the past 3 years of my education. I had never used the drafting program before but was able to pick it up in a matter of a few days. In addition to that, as the summer progressed, I gained continued confidence in being able to do my work independently and ask fewer questions. In the beginning, I felt the need to have my boss check everything I did to make sure it was correct but by the end of the summer, I was confident that I had done it right the first time and did not feel the need to ask. Through this internship, I gained experience in a different area of civil engineering than I had previously. The opportunity to work with civil engineers in the construction field allowed me to see what exactly a job in this field would entail. I was also able to spend some time going out in the field with the engineers and work crews to see the projects I was involved in designing being installed. I learned that I do not ideally see my future working as a construction engineer and that I prefer the design and drafting side of civil engineering. I would absolutely recommend an internship to anyone considering it. Being in the work environment is an amazing experience and is also very educational for future work decisions. Internships are a great opportunity to meet new people and network with the professional world. I had an internship the previous summer as well and my internships always leave me more excited about finishing my education so that I can join the work force that I have had a taste of. I thoroughly enjoyed my summer internship and am currently working with my manager to find a way to continue my work into the semester."
Tanner Haskins
Tanner Haskins
  • Company Where Internship Completed: Burton
  • About the Company: The premier designer and manufacturer of snowboards in Burlington, Vermont
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Tasks: Worked with the Boot Design Team at Burton to design, prototype and prove out various components that could appear in upcoming boot designs
  • In his own Words: "My time as a boots design team intern at Burton this summer has been extremely exciting, instructive, and rewarding. Over the course of my internship I have had the opportunity to work on several projects, each with their own unique set of parameters and demands. The broad scope which these projects covered have enabled me to grow my skills as an engineer and have hopefully better prepared me for a full time engineering job in the real world. Specifically, the area where I believe I learned the most was in design for parts which will be manufactured by plastic injection molding. During my internship I have worked on several projects involving parts which will eventually be injection molded. While designing these, it was important to keep in mind that although we have multiple 3D printers on site which could quickly replicate a solid plastic representation of any shape I desire, some shapes are impossible (or prohibitively expensive) to manufacture on a large scale. It took a lot of time working closely with my mentor who has a lot of experience in this area to begin creating parts which cover all the requirements of being aesthetically pleasing, functional, and manufacturable. However, despite the difficulty, parts began to emerge that met these requirements and I have gotten the satisfaction and reward of knowing that some of these may make it to store shelves in a few years! Overall, my experience as an intern at Burton has been fantastic. I would recommend undertaking an internship to anyone seeking experience in the field of engineering for multiple reasons. As an intern you can both network and gain valuable work experience; you can also determine whether a specific job or sector is right for you.”
Michael Fickes
Tanner Haskins
  • Company Where Internship Completed: Lord Microstrain
  • About the Company: Develops tiny sensors and systems that are used in a wide range of applications, including advanced manufacturing, off-highway vehicles, commercial and military manned and unmanned vehicles, civil structures, and down-hole tools
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Tasks: Developed code for Node Commander, the software that customers use to configure their wireless sensors
  • In his own Words: "While UVM does a great job teaching software development techniques, my experience at Microstrain was invaluable for my education. Most of the assignments at UVM are completed individually, and can be finished in just a few days. My opportunity this summer involved working on code that had been worked on by many people and was years in the making. I had to make sure that everything I wrote fit well with what other people had already written. I received great mentoring during this internship. I went into this internship with only basic knowledge of C++, but now feel very comfortable working with it. My mentor was always available and willing to help if I wanted it, but he made sure to challenge and teach me rather than simply telling me answers. I would highly recommend pursuing an internship yourself.
James Chad Foley
Tanner Haskins
  • Company Where Internship Completed:
  • About the Company: Delivers a full suite of digital marketing tools to the automotive industry
  • Major: Mathematics
  • Tasks: Worked with Analytics and Inventory teams to create models and perform statistical analyses on quantitative and qualitative data
  • In his own Words: "The purpose of an internship is to learn as much as possible about everything relating to the job, the team you're working with, and the company as a whole. is not the kind of company that sits an intern down on day one and draws out a work plan for the length of the internship, they are a company that allows you to learn about all the different problems/challenges employees face every day and expect that you will be inspired to help find solutions to those problems and/or find and solve problems of your own, with the goal being to make better. Throughout my Data Analyst internship with the Inventory team at, I was able to explore the work performed by not only my team members, but employees throughout the company. I was also given the freedom to create my own projects and perform analyses that I thought were interesting. I gained experience dealing with large amounts of quantitative and qualitative data, which allowed me to sharpen my SQL and Unix skills, and I was also able to create models and perform statistical analyses on real life data (as opposed to academic examples) utilizing my R programming skills. I've walked away from my internship with a higher level technical skill set, a better idea of the working dynamic of the Inventory and Analytics teams, and a refined understanding of how operates and the services it provides its clients."
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