University of Vermont

Stuart Kauffman

Stuart Kauffman

M.D., University of California, San Francisco

Office hours:  No hours at this time

Area(s) of Expertise:

  • Development of an inference algorithm, IADGRIN, to infer the structure
    and logic of noisy Boolean networks

  • Foundational work on the linkages among work, constraint, information, in
    the propagating organization occurring in cells in the biosphere

  • Initial investigations on the relation between maximizing mutual information
    in Boolean networks and the dynamical criticality of such networks

  • Development of early plans on extending IADGRIN to chemical master equation
    (Gillespie) network models of genetic regulatory networks

  • Construction and implementation of Gillespie networks and study of bi-stable
    toggle switches and the three gene "represselator"

  • Formulation of a general ensemble approach to use Gillespie nets to model
    genetic regulatory nets and construction of initial models

For more information, including a biography and current publications listing,
please see Stuart Kauffman's webpage.