University of Vermont

Arne Bomblies

Arne Bomblies

Ph.D., P.E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Office: 219 Votey
Phone: (802) 656-2215
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Title:  Associate Professor

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  • Bomblies, A., Duchemin, J.B., and Eltahir, E.A.B. (2009) A mechanistic approach for accurate simulation of village-scale malaria transmission Malaria Journal 8:223
  • Gianotti, R. L., A. Bomblies, and E. A. B. Eltahir (2009), Hydrologic modeling to screen potential environmental management methods for malaria vector control in Niger, Water Resources Research, 45, W08438, doi:10.1029/2008WR007567.
  • Bomblies, A., J.-B. Duchemin, and E. A. B. Eltahir (2008), Hydrology of malaria: Model development and application to a Sahelian village, Water Resources Research, 44, W12445, doi:10.1029/2008WR006917.
  • Gianotti, R.*, Bomblies, A.*, Dafalla, M., Arzika, I., Duchemin, J.B. and Eltahir, E. (2008) Efficacy of local neem extracts for sustainable malaria vector control in an African village. Malaria Journal 7:138 *co-first authors
  • Eltahir, E. A. B., Loux, B., Yamana, T.K., Bomblies, A. (2004), A see-saw oscillation between the Amazon and Congo basins,Geophysical Research Letters, 31
  • Bomblies, A., McKnight, D.M., and Andrews, E.D., (2001), Retrospective simulation of lake level rise in Lake Bonney based on recent 21-year record: Indication of recent climate change in the McMurdo Dry Valleys: Journal of Paleolimnology 25: 477-492.
  • McKnight, D.M., Niyogi, D.K., Alger, A.S., Bomblies, A., Conovitz, P.A., and Tate, C.M., (1999). Dry Valleys streams in Antarctica: ecosystems waiting for water. Bioscience 49: 985-995.