University of Vermont

Faculty + Staff

Faculty + Staff


The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) is comprised of outstanding tenured and tenure-track faculty, supported in academia by many adjuncts, lecturers and instructors. Over 800 engineering, mathematics and computer science majors benefit from the diversity of cultures and ideas found within our faculty.

CEMS faculty are expected to make significant contributions to the advancement of engineering and computational sciences while teaching the next generation of UVM students how to make a positive impact on their world after graduation. In short, our faculty provide a lively and engaging training ground for creative and innovative thinkers who will be ready to enter the world and make a difference.

Faculty-Student Relationship

The University of Vermont blends the close faculty-student relationships of a small liberal arts college with the dynamic exchange of knowledge associated with a major research university. At CEMS, the student-teacher ratio averages 18-1 and distinguished senior faculty regularly teach introductory courses and involve undergraduates in their research.

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The staff at CEMS is committed to helping our students handle all their non-academic requirements smoothly and expeditiously.

Although academic advising resides primarily in the hands of the faculty, the support and advice our students receive from the experienced staff of the Office of Student Services is integral to ensuring that our students navigate their college years as easily as possible. Career services provides help with obtaining pre-professional work, career planning, networking and researching graduate programs. Our Outreach staff strive to involve potential students in the world of engineering, mathematics and computer science while increasing the number of women and minority students in our programs, creating a dynamic student body.

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