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Computer Specifications: Software

All of the software below can be purchased at the UVM Bookstore. Click on Technology for computer related items.

Minimum Software

The software listed below should be on each student's computer. We feel that each student in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) will use this software extensively.

Name Bookstore Price
Microsoft Office 365 (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) $79.99
Anti-virus Site License*
Adobe Acrobat Reader Free**
*Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) at UVM has purchased a site license for Anti-virus software; it is available for download at ETS Software.
**Web browsers and Adobe Acrobat Reader are free software; they are also available for download at ETS Software.

Optional Software

The Optional Software category is software that students may wish to purchase depending on their chosen major and software cost. For example, AutoCAD is very useful to Mechanical Engineering students, but may not be needed for a Computer Science major (depending on the series of classes you take).

We suggest that you do not purchase the Optional Software initially, but wait until you are sure you need it (software cannot be returned).

Software in this category requires the accompanying increase in hardware resources indicated in the table below.

Name Bookstore Price Minimum Hardware Requirement Suggested Hardware
Mathematica Site License* 128 MB (RAM) 256 MB (RAM)
MS Visual Studio $99.95 160 MB (RAM) 512 MB (RAM)
MATLAB Site License** 1 GB (RAM) 2 GB (RAM)
*Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) has purchased a site license for Mathematica it is available for download at ETS.
*UVM has purchased a site license for Matlab for students, directions for installation are at

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