University of Vermont

Downloading and Starting SimpleHelp on a Windows PC

This help page assumes that the user knows basic Windows commands

If you have problems with the install, send email to and tell us what the problem is and at which step you encountered the problem.

1.) Open a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc) and go to
2.) click on the box to "Download Remote Support"

3.) Save the downloaded file on your computer

4.) Navigate to where you saved the downloaded file and run that file.
5.) When the "simple help" window opens, Accept the Disclaimer

6.) A new window will pop up asking you to Input Your Details.
Enter your name along with "CEMS" and click Submit

7.) You are now in the CEMS queue for remote support.
8.) Unless CEMS-CF support is expecting this support request, email telling us your issue and that you are in the queue for remote support.

9.) Once Tim, Jim or Victor takes the request and connects to your computer, the SimpleHelp Status will change to "The technician is now in session with you"

    At this point whoever has taken the support request can see what is on your screen, but not change anything.
    The support person will click on a button on his screen asking for permission to change your computer.
    You will see a small window pop up.

10.) Click on Allow to allow us access.
    Once you do this the support person will be able to change your computer (you will be able to see what is happening).

11.) Once the support person is done working on your computer, click on the End Session button and the SimpleHelp status will change to "The connection has been terminated, you are no longer connected"
    At this point, the support person will no longer be able to change your computer or see what is happening there.

12.) Close the SimpleHelp window and you are done!

Last modified October 24 2014 10:47 AM