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Andrew Seier

Pass by the large window at WRUV-FM Burlington in the Davis Student Center on any given Sunday night and you’ll find Andrew Seier spinning music in the UVM radio station. The Engine Ear is the RUV alias for the Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering and Music Director for the UVM radio station. Originally from Londonderry, VT, he attended Burr & Burton Academy, where he received a UVM Scholarship.

His draw to the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences stemmed from his mathematical abilities as well as the fact that his uncle is an electrical engineer. Andrew is the second in his family to attend UVM – his sister Samantha Seier, graduated in 2003 with an English major and art minor. Andrew plans to do graduate school with a cross over discipline that partners with his field.

The draw to WRUV?

"At WRUV, I have a creative outlet to enjoy my passion for music," says Andrew. As the Music Director he oversees the new music flooding the station digitally, on vinyl, and on CDs. The mission of the station, he says, is to create a unique niche for underground artists as a non-profit, non-commercial radio station. During his spare time, he’s either shuffling through old albums, reviewing new albums, or tinkering late at night in a lab. Musically, the summer goal is a crash course in mixing in hopes of creating something fresh out of the already new and/or obscure. Academically, the hunt for the perfect internship is at the top of the list.

"I am having a lot of fun at UVM, both with my major and at the station," says Andrew. The first EE labs centered around the occasional excitement of accidentally melting an IC chip or setting a resistor on fire, but now he enjoys, not surprisingly, communications labs, looking at the physics behind circuit behavior, and the intro into microcontroller programming. "My favorite professor is Stephen Titcomb," adds Andrew, "He’s approachable and always has an answer – exactly the right answer. I don’t know how he does that!" When asked if he had a favorite location on campus, Andrew replied, "Yeh, the nooks and crannies of the Billings Center – that was the original location for WRUV, as well as the 3rd floor of the UVM library."

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